Leslie’s Garden

I enjoy being in my gardens. I love watching my flowers and plants grow from one season to the next. I enjoy the birds, dragonflies, bees and butterflies that are attracted to the flowers they pollinate. It is beautiful and peaceful. One of my gardens is called The Angel Garden because it has an angel statue in it. One of our cats, Max, enjoys sleeping there behind the snowball bush on a warm, sunny summer day. He also likes sleeping under the Japanese Maple in our front garden where no one can see him and he can get his afternoon cat nap.

Nothing is perfect, but nature has its own plans. In my rock garden, so called because it is a circular rock wall, there are two Hosta, that thrive in the shade of a Maple tree and enjoy the temporary company of some colorful Coleus and pink Impatiens. Recently, there was an intruder in the garden who completely bit off every leaf on both Hosta plants. Even the colorful Coleus’ leaves were drooping in grief. I surmised it must have been a ground hog, and not a deer as I did not see any hoof prints. At first I was mad! How dare that groundhog eat my Hosta’s leaves. I realized that it wanted to eat something other than grass, but I wish it had eaten up all the weeds in the garden first. So, I forgave the groundhog. The generous, perennial Hosta’s leaves will grow back.

On my spiritual journey, I have learned that Mother Nature takes care of her gardens and its inhabitants, as does Archangel Ariel. As souls having a human experience, we are taken care of on our journey by our spirit guides, angels and archangels. We are all beautiful and connected to nature and each other. But we each have our own paths. And each of our lives is like a garden: there’s variety, beauty and growth. We share our lives, our journey, with all living things. And be generous towards each other and all living things.

My spiritual journey began over twenty years ago when I was looking for ….something. A change, the meaning of life….or was it my spirit’s re-awakening? Is everything in our life all planned out, like a garden? Stay tuned.

Welcome to my garden.


Author: Leslie Sheridan

Author of "Sweet Dreams" and "Last Night I Dreamt.... a Guide to Dreams and Dream Recall"

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