About 20 years ago I began to teach myself to recall, journal and interpret dreams and then became a Certified Dream Interpreter. I have helped many people to understand and interpret their dreams. I even wrote two books about dreams!



“Last Night I Dreamt…. a Guide to Dreams and Dream Recall”  

Written for adolescents, tweens, younger children and their parents who want to understand their dreams and how to interpret them. Included are dream types, symbols, recalling and journaling dreams, children’s dreams and visitation dreams and other phenomenon that children may experience. Available on Amazon. (Little Tsar Publishing)



“Sweet Dreams”

This is a novelette and is based on some of my experiences as an adolescent and young adult. Set in the 1980’s, the story follows Rosie’s who questions death and what happens to us when we die. Her dreams are weaved throughout the story and they start her on a spiritual journey.  Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. (Lettra Press,






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