May The Source Be With You




It happens sometimes. You’re trying to keep positive…about that job interview, about making ends meet financially or about finding Mr. or Ms. Right. Keep thinking positive thoughts….. Our thoughts, positive and negative, go out into the universe and come back to us. Sort of like a boomerang. Intentions, good or bad are transmitted out into the universe. Yes, it’s a universal wide hook up! So, if you project positive things, positive things will come back to you. Negative things come back to us if we put negative things out into the universe as well.  

It’s really hard on some occasions, for me, to keep up that positivity.  Recently, my book, “Sweet Dreams” was in the process of being published and printed. And then I was waiting for the word that it was going to be available in retail outlets which would take a week or two. But I was so excited and getting  slightly impatient, like a little kid waiting for Christmas day. At the end of the first week I had a moment ….just a small window of doubt. Just a split second. It was then that I heard a voice. It was Yoda saying, “That is why you fail.”

It was as if my guardian angel knew I might be seduced by the Dark Side and immediately plugged in a sound bite into my consciousness. I do like the Star Wars movies. Maybe that’s why she, my guardian angel, used this iconic movie character’s wise words to convey a message to me. I was grateful and immediately pulled myself together.

If you’re not familiar with the original Star Wars trilogy, let me catch you up to speed. Yoda, the Jedi Master, first appeared in Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back. Luke Skywalker goes to the Dagobah system, actually planet, to train with Yoda. Fast forward: Luke, who learned to use the force in Star Wars IV, is now honing those skills. In one particular scene, during meditation, Luke sees Leia and Han Solo in trouble and realizes he needs to get back but his ship, that he and his droid R2 had flown in on, sank into the swamp. Yoda tells him to use the force to bring it up from the deep water. He tries and tries and then, finally, his teacher, the Jedi Master, successfully brings up the ship for his student.  

Luke exclaims, “I don’t believe it!”

Yoda sternly responds, “That is why you fail.”  That’s the very voice I heard when I had my negative moment. 

I’ve seen other people staying in the moment, staying calm and focused before they respond to a stressful or challenging moment. Not that I’m not ever that way. But, I want to be that way all the time. I try to stay grounded so that when those moments are about to happen, I can reel myself back to the present moment.  I have learned from Dr. Wayne Dyer about staying in the moment. He also calls it staying connected to source. In The Power of Intention, Dr. Dyer says  “we are all from source.” 

When our minds are cluttered with stressful thoughts: money, work, partners, children, other people driving on the road, we essentially close off that portal for source to get through. The answers to our situations are all there in the universe, we just need to be still  and breathe and our minds will be illuminated from the source. This happened to my sister, Sondra, recently. While trying to complete a work project, she had run into a wall. Feeling that at that moment she couldn’t go any further, she got up from her desk and took a walk outside to get fresh air and sunshine, and away from the stressful situation at work. Walking outside among trees and flowers had started to release her stress. (Mother Nature has that effect on people.) Suddenly, she was struck by a lightning bolt that stopped her in tracks. Not an actual lightning bolt, but an idea lightning bolt. My sister stopped stressing and was relaxed enough that her spirit or soul was able to accept the lightning bolt idea from source and as it entered her consciousness, she had a moment and ran back inside. She was able to complete her project on time.   

In George Lucas’ Star Wars, The Adventures of Luke Skywalker,  Obi Wan Kenobi, a Jedi and when Luke meets him is known as a Wizard, explains the force (which rhymes with source – I know….hear me out)  as “an energy field generated by living things…..The force surrounds each and every one of us. Some men believe it directs our actions, and not the other way around.”  He continues to tell Luke that those who “could recognize the force”, we called “charlatans, fakers, mystics – and worse.”  He explained to Luke, the Jedi to be, that knowing and understanding the force and how to use “it was what gave the Jedi his special power.” 

I want to believe that George Lucas was interested in metaphysics.  (If I ever met him, I would ask him.) I believe he used this story to share his beliefs – but maybe telling it in the 1970’s was out there. Not as acceptable as it is today. When Dr. Dyer talks about spiritual and inspirational ideas, everyone listens. Maybe someone reading this will think this is out there, but I feel we should all stop and listen, and stay open to the force, or rather, source. The universe is communicating to us…are you listening?







Author: Leslie Sheridan

Author of "Sweet Dreams" and "Last Night I Dreamt.... a Guide to Dreams and Dream Recall"

One thought on “May The Source Be With You”

  1. Isn’t it interesting how a film based on sci-fi, fantasy gives such sound advice. It is difficult to believe sometimes. I find myself constantly telling myself and others another Yoda quote. “There is not try. Do or do not. ” One could use this in all aspects of their lives, as well as many others Yoda sayings. Thank you George Lucas. I think many, many, many people use Star Wars quotes. “Laugh it up, Fuzzball”.


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